The Ultimate in Flexibility, Exclusivity, and Customization

For the ultimate in flexibility, exclusivity and customization, chartering a ship, airplane or even a buyout of a venue can provide the freedom to create an extraordinary experience. Since the ship is basically “owned” for the incentive group, virtually every aspect of the program can be modified. That can even include the itinerary for ports of call, length of the cruise, onboard activities, dining schedules and entertainment. It is also possible to display the company logo, include the company logo on the daily activity newsletter, and create unique activities for the participants.


People feel special when they sail on a privately chartered ship. Being a part of an exclusive group honors the participants and offers an experience guests are unable to create on their own. Chartering a ship allows for a captive audience and can enhance the camaraderie of the group. It is easy in this environment to find participants bonding together in a unique “at sea” setting. There is built-in affinity onboard which allows for more informal gatherings.


When chartering a ship, there is total dedication to the program from the crew and staff of their attention and resources. Attendees receive the VIP treatment they deserve and the company has the support to make it look like a superstar!

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