What Does It Take To Be a Woman in Business?

Our President, Liz Sutton, was honored to be spotlighted on the cover of the newest edition of the Montgomery Business Journal and featured in the “Women in Business” article as one of the many amazing women that “Move Montgomery.” As the Montgomery Business Journal quotes, “empowered females empower other females.” With over 40 years of experience as a successful entrepreneur, Liz outlines what challenges she faced to get where she is today, and what advice she would give to young females early in their career.

What obstacles have you faced being a woman in business?

“Over the last 40 years, I have faced many challenges and obstacles to get where I am today. One of the first challenges I faced when starting out was not being from a multi-generational family in Montgomery, AL. With our office headquartered in Montgomery, it was important for us to develop strong relationships within the community. It was already difficult being a woman in business in a “man’s world,” but often the first thing people wanted to know was who your family was. Since my family was originally from outside of Alabama, it was even more difficult to gain respect. It took many years of networking, volunteering, perseverance, and being vulnerable to gain respect from the important people in the community.”

What advice do you give to young females starting out in their careers?

“My advice to young females early in their career is to get connected, volunteer to be visible, build strong relationships and continuously nurture them, hire a business coach, and seek out good mentors. It all comes down to your will to learn and the relationships that you have!”

What goals did you have for yourself when you first started out in your career?

“When I first started my goal was simple: to keep the business alive!”

What goals do you have now?

“Now, 40 years later, my goals are more detailed. My first goal is to make a positive impact on every person that works here and every person who partners with our company. I truly want to change lives, make a difference, and expand the possibilities for the people around me. Secondly, my goal is to deliver extraordinary travel experiences and showcase outrageous hospitality to our clients and partners. I want everyone who partners with our company to think “wow, there is something different about them.”