What Is Incentive Travel & Why Is It Important For Your Company?

Incentive travel is a strategy many companies use to reward top performers and build relationships with business partners. While it seems like it is just a “nice jester” from the company, that is not the only reason companies invest in a corporate incentive trip.


For companies that use incentive travel to reward their top performers, the incentive trip creates urgency and passion for trying to achieve a goal. This, in translation, creates more sales and growth for the sales team which generates more revenue for the company.


For companies that use incentive travel to reward and say “thank you” to their business partners, the incentive trip helps the company get in front of their important business partners and build valuable relationships that will provide a positive outcome for the company.


Whether the corporate incentive trip is for your employees or business partners, it creates loyalty to your company. When people are rewarded and treated like VIPs they feel like family. Therefore, it will make it harder for your top employees to leave your company to go somewhere else.  Likewise, because you have created such great relationships with your valuable business partners, it will make it very difficult for them to stop doing business with your company.

These aspects set the company up for success. The productivity, partnerships, and loyalty to the brand generated by a corporate incentive trip will all create a significant impact for the organization!