What’s the Right Destination for Your Corporate Incentive Trip?

Choosing the destination for your corporate incentive trip is exciting, but it can be tricky. The destination is your first step in engaging your audience and encouraging them to meet their goals!

You want to make sure you choose the right destination for you and your organization. Below, we outlined the best steps to consider when choosing the most fitting destination for your corporate incentive trip:


Who do you want to engage and excite with your incentive trip? Is it your business partners, your clients, or your sales team? This is crucial if you are targeting CEOs and high-level clients or your top sales executives in their 30s. This will decide whether you choose a high-end luxury destination or an upbeat location with unique nightlife. There are so many options when tailoring your trip to meet the needs of your audience!


What is the goal of your incentive trip? Are you rewarding your top sales performers for meeting a certain sales number, providing a team-building experience to strengthen relationships within your company, or incentivizing your top clients to increase their investment with you? Every incentive trip is different, so outlining your specific goals from the beginning will set you on the right track in choosing the best-suited destination.


What time of year do you want to take your incentive trip, and how long do you want to travel? Choosing the time of year you want to travel is VERY important. If you want to travel in September, the Caribbean may not be your best option because it is during the peak of hurricane season. Nothing would be worse than canceling your entire trip to avoid a hurricane.

The length of time you stay at your destination plays an important role as well! If you will only be visiting a destination for 3 or 4 nights, you may want to avoid places with extremely long flights. You want to maximize your experience and the experience you are selling to your audience!

All in all, there are many factors to consider, far more than just listed here. When you partner with S&A, you partner with 30 years of expert experience! We ask the right questions to plan, organize, and deliver an exceptional corporate incentive trip for you and your company!