Destination Inspiration: Iceland

If you’re looking for an out-of-this-world experience look no further than Iceland!

Iceland is a hidden gem for incentive travel or destination meetings. This otherworldly destination offers exceptional dining, first class accommodations, relaxing spas and saunas, and gorgeous landscapesIceland is not as populated and traveled as some other regions, making this destination a quieter and less crowded experience than other popular destinations. There is a lot to see, do, and experience on this magical Nordic island.


There is a wide array of activities and excursions to experience in Iceland. It is the ideal destination for outdoor adventures. The island is full of natural treasures to explore from waterfalls and glaciers to black sand beaches and blue lagoons. There are even dormant volcanoes to dive into. Our team can plan many adventurous activities so you and your guests can explore natural wonders of the Icelandic wilderness.



Vikings settled in Iceland during the Viking Age leaving a lasting mark that permeates the island’s culture even to today. The Icelandic people have an adventurous spirit and place a high value on health and wellness. Due to the abundance of outdoor activities, spas and saunas are utilized widely across the island. There is nothing more comforting and luxurious than warming up in a sauna after a long, cold adventure.


When to Visit

The ideal time to travel to Iceland depends entirely on what you would like to do or see while there. Interested in the Northern Lights? Try visiting around February and stay in a hotel specifically designed for optimal viewing. Are lush landscapes more intriguing to you? Travel to Iceland in the summer when the foliage is green and flowers are in bloom. Whatever you and your participants are interested in, Iceland is an exciting opportunity just waiting to be explored.


Iceland can be a magical place for incentives and meetings. Want to learn more about what the experience would be like? Start a conversation with us today!

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