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We design experiences to  excite, motivate, and inspire. Whether it’s designing travel incentives or planning destination meetings, our objective is to curate luxury travel experiences that leave a lasting impression on you and your guests. With decades of experience within the industry, we are able to propose ideas that turn “how” into “wow” for your clients, top performers, or business partners. Our dedicated team is driven by a profound passion for helping you achieve your goals. Our comprehensive range of services revolves around five core pillars that we tailor specifically to you and your program that include: pre-travel planning, promotion, communications, onsite management, and post-travel. To help you better understand how our partnership can bring value to you and your organization we have outlined our five pillars of service below. 

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Incentive Travel

Incentive travel serves as a powerful business tool, designed to motivate, reward, and engage employees, business partners, or clients, ultimately generating a return on investment (ROI) for your organization.

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Destination Meetings

With a destination meeting or conference you are able to offer your employees or business partners a unique experience while also accomplishing your business agenda.

100% of Best-in-Class Companies Use Incentive Travel

U.S. Companies Spend $22.5 Billion Annually on Incentive Travel & Destination Meetings

Well Designed Programs Produce an Average ROI of 122%

What Our Partnership Includes

Let us elevate your corporate travel experiences

Pre-Travel Planning

Site Selection

What destination is right for your company goals? We will guide you through the process of selecting the perfect destination for your incentive trip or corporate meeting that align with your objectives.


When it comes to securing contracts with resorts or cruise lines, we’ve got you covered. Leveraging our extensive network of relationships and strong purchasing influence, we negotiate on your behalf, ensuring favorable terms and conditions.

Trip Planning

After contracting with us, you will be assigned a dedicated Program Manager who will design and plan your program. We value your vision, and our team’s mission is to transform it into a vibrant reality.


Promotional Presentation

To ensure a valuable return on your investment, the initial step involves effectively promoting your program. Our team takes charge in designing a tailored promotional presentation that showcases your chosen destination, trip details, and company goals. This comprehensive presentation equips you with the necessary tools to successfully launch your program and generate excitement among participants.

Branded Trip Logo

As part of our collaborative services, we create a custom trip logo to be the center of attention for your program branding. This logo is thoughtfully designed to seamlessly integrate the essence of your chosen destination and your company logo, ensuring a cohesive and impactful brand representation.

Customized Website

Your program’s personalized website serves as a central hub where you and your participants can access important trip information, including the itinerary, details about the destination, registration, marketing, and much more.

Marketing Campaign

Utilize our creative team’s expertise to keep your participants engaged! Our team designs and manages an email marketing campaign that aims to generate excitement and motivation among your participants throughout the entire qualification period.


Looking to send pre-travel gifts or promotional items to your participants? We’ve got you covered!


    Pre-Travel Webinars

    To ensure everyone is well-prepared for the upcoming journey, your dedicated Program Manager will arrange a “know before you go” webinar for you and your participants. This webinar serves as an opportunity to familiarize everyone with important information before departure.

    Collaborative Consulting

    As your travel partners, we collaborate with you every step of the way during the planning process.

    Program Updates

    Effective communication is essential. Our Program Management team will organize quarterly meetings to provide updates and foster collaboration with you throughout the program planning process.

    Online Guest Registration

    Simplifying processes is our priority. Through your personalized trip website, we offer convenient online guest registration for you and your guests.

    Onsite Management

      Private Events
      VIP Concierge Services
      Travel App
      Travel Insurance

      Post Travel


      Once everyone has returned home safely, our team initiates the distribution of evaluations to both you and your guests to assess the overall experience.


      We document all evaluations to be discussed during our final Program Review Meeting. This collaborative review enables you to gauge your results and gain insights from your participants regarding their personal experiences and any feedback they may have.


      We take your feedback seriously! Did you reach your goals? How was your personal experience partnering with Sutton Planning? Could we have done anything differently? Did we meet your expectations?

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