Destination Inspiration: River Cruises

Why should you choose a river cruise for your next travel incentive or destination meeting?

River cruises are a beautiful and unique way to experience multiple regions of the world with a more intimate feel than traditional oceanic cruises. Often, the areas of the world where river cruises dock are less crowded than oceanic ports which means there is a heavier focus on the destination and being able to experience the area like a local.

With rivers all around the globe, there’s a perfect river cruising experience to fit any group. Listed below are a few of the many perks to choosing a river cruise experience for an incentive travel program:

More Intimate

Fewer people onboard allow for more intimate, personal interactions between you and your guests. After all, connecting with your participants is a huge component of why travel incentives and destination meetings are so magical. A smaller vessel also gives you the option to control what happens onboard and create special activities that tie to your company’s culture and values.


Local Immersion

River cruises are very destination focused. From local cuisine and wine to entertainment onboard the ship, these types of cruises tend to implement as much local culture as possible which provides guests with a true authentic experience of the destination they are visiting. Plus, no matter where you are on your journey, there is always something to see with the ever-changing scenery from port to port. You can always sit on the deck and see a beautiful view of the landscapes, villages, and castles.

Upscale Experience

Think of river cruises as a boutique experience. River cruises are highly luxurious and relaxing with a sense of old-world charm. Every bit of comfort and decor is designed with a high-end experience in mind. Unlike with oceanic cruises, most river cruises include more amenities in their overall price such as local excursions, wine, and beer. All of this plus a quieter ship and highly attentive staff make river cruising the perfect experience for your next travel incentive or destination meeting.

There are many rivers and cruise lines to choose from and not all are created equally. It’s important to have the right planners and the right team to help design the perfect river cruising experience. Let Sutton Planning be that team. Contact us to get started!

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