Four Seasons Explorer to Palau

Introducing the Four Seasons Explorer!

This intimate floating resort sails to Palau (puh·lau), an oceanic island in the West Pacific and a UNESCO World Heritage site. With intimate accommodations, local immersion, and an abundance of activities and amenities, the Four Seasons Explorer is an experience you and your group will never forget.

Intimate Experience:


The Four Seasons Explorer is one of the most intimate and luxurious sailing experiences available today. Unlike the vast river cruises and expansive ocean liners designed for grand gatherings, the Four Seasons Explorer is a wonderful option for smaller, more exclusive groups. The Four Seasons is known for its elegance and attention to detail, and the Explorer is no exception. It is roughly the size of a catamaran and contains 10 beautiful state rooms and one lavish suite, making the Explorer the optimal space to reward, entertain, and get to know your top executive employees, clients, or business partners.

Local Immersion:

The Explorer welcomes you to immerse yourselves into the culture of Palau. With the help of a guide, guests can learn about the culture and traditions of the Palauan people. From on-shore excursions exploring fishing, diving, and hiking to intimate encounters with local artisans and storytellers, every moment is an opportunity to forge lasting connections with the people and land of Palau. For those that want an even richer understanding of Palauan culture, visit the Belau National Museum in Koror and discover more about the island’s history and musical influence.

Amenities and Activities:

There is no lack of activities both on board the Explorer and on the Palauan shore. From the comfort of the catamaran, guests can enjoy all-inclusive gourmet dining featuring locally caught seafood and fresh fruit. For those seeking to unwind and socialize, the Explorer features two inviting bars where guests can gather to mingle over expertly crafted cocktails and fine wines. Additionally, wellness is a top priority of this experience. Pamper yourself with luxurious spa treatments or find inner peace with beach yoga sessions. Regardless of what you and your guests want to do, sailing on the Explorer is sure to invite you into a tranquil experience.

Incentives & Meetings:

What better way to get to know your top performers than by chartering an entire cruising experience just for your people? The small-scale size of the Explorer makes this experience one of the best options for an intimate corporate retreat or top executive meeting. Plus, with a limited capacity of just 11 rooms, one dining venue, and two bars, the ship encourages an environment of closeness and camaraderie, providing ample opportunities for meaningful connections among participants.

The Explorer promises an experience that goes beyond the ordinary and epitomizes luxury. Connect with us today and treat your best people with the experience of a lifetime!

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