How to Choose the Ideal Incentive Destination

With so many exciting destinations in the world, how do you choose the ideal destination for your incentive group?


Choosing the destination sets the tone for the entire trip and gives your people something to work for and look forward to. It not only ensures enjoyment but motivates your team. With that kind of pressure, it can be challenging to know how to decide on the best location for your people. Luckily, there are a few factors to consider to make your decision a lot easier:


Three lounge chairs under thatched umbrellas on a sandy beach.


What is your budget? Considering your budget is vital to the success of your incentive program. Your budget is the bones that supports all other decisions related to the trip, including destination selection. Deciding on a budget upfront means that expenses are managed effectively and that the trip remains within your set financial parameters. This in turn prevents unwanted and unnecessary challenges, allowing your travel partners to choose the best options within your range of comfort and affordability.


Where do your people want to go? It is so important to not choose your incentive travel destination blindly. Knowing what your team desires is crucial to planning an unforgettable trip that everyone will want to go on. By considering your target audience when deciding on incentive trip locations, you can ensure that the destination resonates with participants, enhances their motivation, and provides a positive experience for everyone involved.

Three lounge chairs under thatched umbrellas on a sandy beach.
Three lounge chairs under thatched umbrellas on a sandy beach.


Having an experienced, well-connected partner is a sure-fire way to ensure you and your guests are receiving the ultimate incentive travel experience. Not only do we have years of personal experience in this industry, but through our connections we have access to a wide range of industry resources and statistics that we can use when helping you choose a program destination. Partners like Sutton Planning take the needs and desires of your guests and compare them with emerging travel trends and industry statistics to provide you with the perfect incentive destination options.


Unique experiences and destinations are huge selling points for any incentive trip. Offering exclusive opportunities, activities, and excursions creates a sense of FOMO (that’s the fear of missing out) among your team and increases a drive within them to qualify for the trip. No one wants to miss out on one-of-a-kind experiences. The experiences offered at destination act as a tangible reward for your team’s hard work and achievements. Creating lasting memories and experiences your people will remember for a lifetime is what sets a “good” incentive program apart from a “great” incentive program. Working with an experienced incentive and meeting planner gives you and your group access to places and experiences you cannot get on your own!

Three lounge chairs under thatched umbrellas on a sandy beach.

The choice is yours! Where will you take your people this year? Connect with us today and let us help you plan the experience of a lifetime!

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