How We Mitigate Risks for Our Clients

Is someone mitigating your risk for you and your participants when traveling for your company’s travel incentive or destination meeting?

Life has many unexpected challenges. Imagine not having partners and advocates to protect you and your participants when things go awry. Partnering with a company that has deep resources can make magic happen and handle the uncertainties that life delivers – even at the eleventh hour.

Sutton Planning has many connections and resources in our industry. We provide three layers of advocacy for every program we design:

Our team:

Our team at Sutton Planning is highly skilled at what they do. We offer years of expertise and the ability to think on our feet. Being so attentive and responsive allows us to protect our clients and their participants, whether they’re employees or valued external clients.

Our travel partners:

We have deep relationships with leaders and companies within the travel industry. We connect with hoteliers, cruise lines, even airlines to provide our clients with the travel incentive or destination meeting of their dreams. We also partner with the network Virtuoso. Virtuoso is a network of the top 1% of travel providers in the world. Through partnering with Virtuoso, we have access to those travel providers, enabling us to design highly luxurious and specialized programs for your travel incentive or destination meeting.

Our travel insurance:

We insist on travel insurance for every incentive program we design. What this provides is a safety net for the unexpected. From injuries to lost luggage, we’ve seen it all. Travel insurance is a necessary component to mitigating risk for our clients.

At the end of the day, we have a duty of care to protect our clients for the unexpected and to provide peace of mind. Mitigating risk is all about being prepared and present, ready for all the expected and unexpected challenges that arise. Challenges are unavoidable. But with partners like us, they do not get to ruin your incentive travel experience or destination meeting.

Let us help you design a tranquil incentive travel program or destination meeting. Contact us today to get started!

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