Luxury Train Travel

All aboard! Welcome to the world of slow, intentional, luxury train travel.

Luxury train travel is an exciting opportunity for the incentive travel industry. Although these types of travel experiences are atypical in the industry, they are absolutely worth considering. These train tours are an intimate, highly selective travel experience offering unique and memorable opportunities to host meetings, awards, and dinners in exciting destinations.

A seat on a train with a view of a field.


What better way to reward your company’s top performers than with an all-inclusive, highly unique, luxury train experience. Since this type of trip is not typically taken in the incentive travel and destination meeting industry, it is an opportunity for your incentive travel program to stand out among the rest. With a luxury train experience, your program has the potential to generate massive amounts of interest and appreciation from your people.


Unlike some incentive travel and destination meeting experiences, luxury train travel is an intimate setting that provides your guests with ample opportunity to connect with one another. Dining cars, lounges, and observation decks are all unique spaces to network and bond.


Many luxury train excursions offer all-inclusive packages that are not all that dissimilar to the amenities offered by cruise lines and resorts. These packages cover sleeping accommodations, meals, entertainment, and even guided excursions once you arrive at your daily destination. Participants have the option of enjoying gorgeous, scenic views from multiple cabins, including plush, opulent sleeper cabins.

Luxury trains offer a truly unique and memorable experience that is sure to stick with you and your guests for a lifetime. Whether you’re interested in the Scottish Highlands or the lush landscape of Southeast Asia, there is a luxurious train experience waiting for you.

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