SeaDream Yacht Club Sailing

“It’s yachting, not cruising.” Explore the difference with a SeaDream Yacht Club Voyage!

Cruising on a traditional cruise ship versus sailing on a luxurious yacht are very different experiences. If you want an intimate, customizable, decadent sailing experience for your next destination meeting or travel incentive, there’s no better option than a SeaDream yacht.

Intimacy & Customization

A SeaDream yacht is about as intimate and private of an experience you can get. Since the yacht is much smaller than a traditional cruise ship, it offers many benefits to its guests. Some of those benefits include access to less crowded ports, endless destination options, greater networking opportunities, and even the possibility of a buyout for you and your company! Also, because they’re so small, they can enter less crowded ports making the experience even more unique. SeaDream Yacht sailing is an ideal experience for incentive groups looking to make their trip as special and unique as possible.

Decadence & Luxury

Like we said “it’s yachting, not cruising” and there is a difference. SeaDream yachts have some of the most luxurious, high-end accommodations on the high seas. If you want to “wow” your participants with an experience they normally would not have on their own then a SeaDream Yacht Voyage should be in consideration. The suites are surprisingly spacious, immensely comfortable, and fitted with the best ocean views. Also, let’s not forget about relaxing and rejuvenating. Relaxation and wellness are integral components to a SeaDream cruise. They elevate guest experiences with stateoftheart spa services, yoga classes, and an inclusive menu with decadent food to suit every taste and dietary preference.

Meetings & Incentives

What makes a SeaDream yachting experience ideal for destination meetings and travel incentives? The experience is high-end, unique, and something most people won’t do on their own. When you present a SeaDream Yacht Club experience to your sales team, clients, or partners it’s certain to ignite excitement and motivation among them. Also, each yacht has designated spaces carved out specifically for hosting groups and events. These yachts come with spacious top decks which make for hosting receptions and award ceremonies ideal. In addition, there are many onboard activities and amenities such as pools, a golf simulator, live music, movies, and bars where groups of all sizes can interact with each other and enjoy life on the sea. These spaces coupled with amazing onboard activities and unique voyage destinations make a SeaDream sailing an amazing opportunity for meetings and incentives.

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