Customized Program Marketing

At Sutton Planning, we design one-of-a-kind travel incentives and destination meetings for our clients and their guests. Our program management team is at the forefront of achieving successful programs. With the team, consisting of both program managers and program coordinators, we are able to strategically manage every important detail of our client’s program. One of the many important components involved in every program is the marketing plan.


Each client at Sutton Planning receives a marketing plan totally customized to their program. After the destination is chosen and the contract is signed, our program management team quickly develops the first phases of the client’s marketing plan which includes the trip logo and the program pitch deck, or teaser. These are used to announce the travel incentive or destination meeting to the potential participants to gain early excitement. From there, the program marketing grows in greater detail with a customized website, email marketing, marketing mailers, and more. Our team of creative professionals work tirelessly to design and promote our client’s programs uniquely to every target audience.

Several factors go into a highly customized program design. These services look different and vary from program to program, but the strategic marketing plan always starts with the client. The destination, target audience, and the client’s main goal greatly affects the strategic marketing plan. The design decisions our program management team makes carefully align with our client’s vision.


 Are you wanting to produce an ROI for your travel incentive or meeting? Then, making sure you have the right partner to design and deliver your program to your target audience is very important. Sutton Planning is a company that places a heavy emphasis on service, connection, and relationships. Our goal is to help our clients succeed, and designing a custom marketing plan for each program is just one of the many ways we assist in doing that.


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